BHS Stop Harassing

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Hopefully we can answer some of your questions here.

Is BHS Stop Harassing a club?

No, but we are a youth-led organization, with parent advisors, mostly composed of Berkeley High School students. We are not officially affiliated with BHS administration, but we do invite all students at our school to contribute to our movement. 

How do I join/get involved?

For the safety of the members in our group (scroll down for more information), we don't publicly post or announce when our meetings will take place, but we do want everyone interested to be able to participate! If you want to get involved, you can:

1. talk to an existing member of BHS Stop Harassing

2. send us a message here

3. watch social media for announcements about our future events

Why exactly is it that meetings aren't made open to the public?

Some of the members of our group are survivors of recent sexual harassment. After reporting these cases, they've received social retaliation. Their safety is of upmost priory for us, so releasing their location at a given time to perpetrators of said harassment could prove dangerous.

Was BHS Stop Harassing created in response to the Team 15 Instagram account?

Our organization was not formed in response to any one case of harassment. In October, for the first time, fewer than ten girls met in the living room of one of our parent advisors to discuss an assembly that had been given to the entire school. It had conveyed the extremely offensive and harmful message that catcalling and other forms of sexual harassment/violence are directly linked to the clothes that girls wear/ how much they "respect themselves". 

Frustration from this incident brought us together, but once there, we found that we all had stories of past harassment to tell and that the culture throughout the Berkeley Unified School District is one of victim-blaming and non-action. We formed this group as a response to our collective experiences throughout our school careers, not an isolated incident.